Wychfiend (Etherfiend)

This strange extraplanar humanoid has ruddy skin covered in tattoos, green eyes, pointed ears, and a long braided ponytail protruding from the back of his sleek great helm. His piercing eyes stare defiantly at you, making you feel uncomfortable.


Wychfiend society is based on martial and magical might. Wychblades serve as the military and law enforcement, while wychlyn function as leaders, healers, and govern society as a whole. The following describes the wychblade and wychlyn organizations in detail.


Wychblades fight on the front lines and enforce the laws of the wychqueen. Some are magi, true eldritch knights who wield both blade and spell with great skill, while others are simply cavaliers or fighters who wield sword and shield on behalf of their queen. In either case, wychblades favor plate armor and bastard swords when engaging in battle. Such armor and weapons are crafted from a special metal alloy called wychsteel (see Wychsteel), whose secret is known only to greatest of Wychfiend metalsmiths.

As the Wychqueen’s consort, the Ovarch has total command of the wychblades, though he is often superseded by command of the Wychqueen. Despite this, he is the supreme commander of all wychblades throughout the Ethereal Plane, otherwise referred to as the Grand Army. Next in command is the Wararch, or General in the common tongue, who oversees the training and discipline of the entire wychblade army for a given city. Each c