Equisaurians are a strange yet powerful amphibian race, accustomed to the rigors of both surface and underwater travel. While they enjoy battle, they will often challenge others to one-on-one combat as a test of both their strength and that of their opponent’s. Equisaurians tend to be gruff, abrasive, and possess a low opinion of land dwellers. However, due to their cultural teachings, equisaurians respect physical strength above all else, which often mitigates their racial prejudices. To them, might is synonymous with trust.

Physical Description: Equisaurians possess the torso of a humanoid, the head and tail of a hippocampus, and the lower body of a bipedal horse. Standing 7 to 8 feet in height and weighing 350 to 450 pounds, equisarians’ bodies are covered in small scales, with barbed fins running along thier back, tail and forearms. They commonly have russet red, bluish-green, or deep sand-yellow coloration, with green, yellow, or steel blue eyes.

Society: Equisaurians primarily live beneath the waves in small underwater communities amongst the coral and sea stone. They tend to live in bodies of salt water near the seashores of remote areas, but they have been known to make their homes in deep freshwater lakes near to the sea. Tribal by nature, equisarians are a race of warriors. As such, their communities are lead by a warchief, the most skilled and wise amongst their tribal warriors. The warchief leads their tribe into battle, often with a powerful spellcaster at his side–most commonly a priest or priestess of a goddess of the sea.

Relations: Equisaurians live by a strict code of tribal laws that dictate their outlook twards other races. While they tend to avoid the stone loving dwarves, equisaurians respect them for their stamina and prowess in battle. Elves and half-elves are seen as fraile and weak, tough they have been knowln to associate with druids and water elementalists of both races. Equisaurians are deeply mistrusted as they tend to plunder the seas of their resources and destroy life beneath the waves with abandon. They share some affinity to the gnomes and halflings, but like other land dwellers are often avoided. Half-orcs are hated, much like their orc kin, and are viewed as wanton destroyers of the natural world. Despite these general opinions, equisaurians readily cast aside their preconceived notions should any individual member of these races exhibit great battle prowess or feats of extraordinary strength.

Alignment and Religion: Equisarians live by strict tribal law, and as such, tend to be lawful in nature. However, some have been known to rebel against these laws, venturing out on their own to live a life of unrestricted freedom. As creatures of the seas, equisaurians are prone to worship gods of the sea, though gods of strength, war, and bat