Undead Minion

Undead minions are deceased creatures infused with negative energy from Negative Energy Plane. An undead minion is completely indistinguishable from a standard undead creature of its type. The minion obeys its master’s verbal commands to the best of its ability, and cannot be controlled or turned by others. An undead minion will do all it can to aid and protect its necromage master, springing to attack when opponents wander too close. Undead minions have the base statistics as shown on the Undead Minion Base Statistics table. These base statistics can only be modified by the minion’s base form and through a necromage’s level advancement.


An undead minion’s abilities are determined by its specific creature type and by the necromage’s level. Table: Undead Minion Base Statistics determines many of the base statistics of the minion. A undead minion’s base form (skeleton or zombie) modifies these base statistics. Undead minions are considered undead for the purpose of determining which spells affect them.

Hit Dice

This is the total number of 8-sided (d8) Hit Dice the undead minion possesses, each of which gains a Charisma modifier instead.

Base Attack Bonus