Dark Savant (Derro, Sorcerer Archetype)

Savants are considered the most powerful of derro sorcerers and are often found in the positions of leadership. However, among these can be found truly deviant spellcasters who enter into blood pacts with dark entities to obtain sinister and powerful abilities. Class Features The dark savant has the following class features.Dark Bloodline (Su)

At 1st level, a dark savant forms a dark pact with a powerful entity from another plane. She may choose one evil outsider subtype from among the following: asura, daemon, demon, devil, div, kyton, oni, qlippoth, or rakshasa. This pact corrupts the dark savant’s natural bloodline and creates a powerful resonance between herself and the outsider. As such, the dark savant’s bloodline is magically altered and becomes that of her chosen outsider’s subtype as follows: abyssal (demodand, demon, qlippoth), daemon (daemon), div (div), infernal (asura, devil, kyton), oni (oni), or rakshasha (rakshasa). A dark savant may also select the new Savant derro racial bloodline. At 1st level, the dark savant gains her bloodline arcana, and gains her bloodline powers as normal. A dark savant does not gain bloodline spells or bloodline feats. Instead she gains the following abilities.

Dark Mark (Ex): At 2nd level, a dark savant bears the sign of her chosen outsider as a tattoo-like brand somewhere on her body. Once per day, a dark savant can call upon the profane power of this mark to power a spell as she casts it. Doing so causes the spell to gain