Feral Champion (Paladin/Druid)

In the defense of nature, it is at times necessary to take the fight for survival directly to those who would ravage the wildlands and the sacred places of those who venerate it. In the wild, judgment is sharp and there is no room for sentiment–only clear, efficient prejudice, loyalty to one's set or the purity of hunger and blood. Feral champions live by nature's creed, kill or be killed, eat or go hungry, find or be left wanting. Able to strike down destroyers of the wild and surround themselves with natural power, the feral champion’s ultimate expression of discipline and attunement is expressed by the famed wild aspect they can achieve. Elemental in essence, fearless as stone, and inexorable as the tide, all who defile the natural world must beware the feral champion. (Original Concept by Oceanshieldwolf)

Primary Class: Paladin.

Secondary Class: Druid.

Alignment: Any neutral.

Hit Dice: d10.

Bonus Skills and Ranks: The feral champion selects three druid skills to add to her class skills in addi