Grey Necromancy

While most necromages choose to follow either the dark or white path of necromancy, there are those who favor a more middle of the road approach, drawing their power from both paths. These “grey necromages” utilize the spells and powers of both the dark path and the white path. Each day, the grey necromage must choose whether he will follow the dark path or white path as his primary path, and determines the effects of path abilities.


Chaotic neutral, lawful neutral, or neutral.

Grey Necromancy

Grey path necromages can use spells with either the evil or good descriptor. When casting such spells, his caster level is equal to his necromage level –1 for spell related to his primary path, and his necromage level –3 for spells related to his secondary path. The type of undead minion or creatures summoned by his call of the grave ability are determined according to his primary path chosen for that day. For the purpose of his undead minion and call of the grave abilities, the necromage has an effective level equal to his necromage level –2 (minimum 1).

The grey path necromage may choose to gain either his primary path spells or his secondary paths, though he can only choose one of each spell level. For example, a 6th level grey path necromage may select