Razmiran Priest

Those who live within the boundaries of Razmir's holy lands know the power of the Living God. He makes his presence felt through demands of fealty, ever-increasing tithes, and the less-than-gentle hands of his most devout subjects. Of these devotees, it is Razmir's clergy that most accurately represents the fervor of their lord. They roam the lands spreading word of the power of Razmir, and using that power to convince the unfaithful of their misplaced loyalties in other gods and governments.

The Razmiran priest, one of the most powerful of Razmir's servants, brings the Living God's gifts to the common folk and his wrath to his enemies. From behind his mask, the priest judges all he sees, meting out harsh justice in the name of his deity. Many doubt the powers of the clergy, and some would even dare to call Razmir “false.” These fools soon learn the error of their ways when the Razmiran priest pays them a visit, using the gifts of the god to smite such heretics.

A devotee who wishes to become one of Razmir's most trusted priests must undergo a lengthy ritual in the capital of Thronestep. It is said that Razmir himself conducts the final steps of the ritual, blessing the new priest and judging his purity. Those who are found worthy emerge from this secret, mysterious process as absolute believers, while those deemed inadequate are never seen again. A new Razmiran priest finds himself on a quick path to power, prestige, and wealth, as the hierarchy of Razmir's faith treats most priests as superiors. Indeed, many Razmiran priests find themselves quickly rising in rank to become Heralds of the Eighth Step or possessors of even greater power in short order.

Razmiran Priest Class Details

Hit Dice: d8.


To qualify to become a Razmiran priest, a character must fulfill all of the following criteria.