God of Madness and Ruin (Antipaladin 20/Warpriest 20)

The Destroyer of the World, The Bringer of Ruin, The Mad One

Portfolio Annihilation, desolation, madness, and ruin

Typical Worshipers Antipaladins, fighters, slayers, warpriests, 

Typical Worshiper Alignment Chaotic Evil

Domains Chaos, Death, Destruction, Evil, Madness

Symbol Broken red ring with a flaming orb in the center

Favored Weapon Greatsword

Alternative Names None

Scion (SKIGH-ahn) appears as a huge, demonic, red-skinned humanoid, with grizzly black hair, black eyes, fangs, horns, and bat wings. He wears a blood red helm and a suit of fearsome +5 dastard putrid unrighteous full plate that pulsates and oozes blood. The blood that oozes from the armor is blood from the demons of the Abyss. Any creature that is touched by even a drop of the blood must make a Will save (DC 23) or be affected as if by a helm of opposite alignment, and having their alignment changed from a good or neutral version to that of an evil equivalen