Infused Mage (Alchemist/Sorcerer)

Most alchemists are considered lucky, surviving their experimentations through sheer force of will. However, some are quite different from their peers. Whether a product of dangerous curiosity or reckless ambition, infused mages have discovered the essence of the arcane. Through a complex procedure, the infused mage suffuses this essence within an eldritch mutagen which, upon imbibing it, grants him the benefits of a single arcane bloodline for a short period of time. Focused and creative in their endeavors, infused mages constantly and tirelessly refine these eldritch mutagens in an attempt to master the arcane energies distilled within. (Original Concept by Madak)Primary Class: Alchemist. Secondary Class: Sorcerer. Alignment: Any. Hit Die: d8. Bonus Skills and Ranks: The infused mage may sel