Oral Mysticism School

An oral mystic can manipulate the inherent power of the spoken word, to the point that he becomes resistant, even immune to magic effects that attempt to prevent his verbalizations. The school of oral mysticism school focuses on powers associated to language, lore, and the realm of spirits. This school complements the Quipu Mystic multiclass archetype.

Word Magic

A quipu mystic adds the following spells to his wizard spell list, at the indicated spell levels: 0th—ghost sounds, lullaby; 1st—command, deadeye’s lore, forbid action, fumbletongue; 2nd—adoration, ancestral communion%, blistering invective, codespeak#, hidden speech, honeyed tongue, innocence, silence; 3rd—cacophonous call, distracting cacophony, distressing tone, gallant inspiration, glibness, haunting choir, piercing shriek, speak with animals, speak with dead; 4th—denounce, primal scream, speak with plants; 5th—%ancestral gift, forbid action (greater), zone of silence; 6th—cacophonous call (mass), command (greater); 7th—brilliant inspiration, resonating word, word of recall; 9th—dirge of the victorious knights@