Aldori Swordlord

In the northern kingdom of Brevoy, dueling is more than a fighting style or even an art form—it's a way of life. The nobles of this land consider maintaining one's honor as important as feeding one's family. Among the most highly respected duelists in this nation are the Aldori swordlords, who take their name after a man once known as Baron Sirian First. Long before Issia and Rostland's annexation by the forces of Choral the Conqueror, Sirian fled the country, shamed by his defeat in a duel with a bandit lord. He returned several years later as Baron Aldori, and publicly defeated his previous opponent as well as thousands more challengers, quickly becoming known throughout the land as the “Sword Baron.” It was with this prestige and renown that Sirian established the Aldori school of sword fighting, teaching his art to dedicated pupils who proved themselves worthy of the name. Aldori swordlords are highly talented melee combatants, and while their true mastery shows itself in dueling situations or whenever flashy combat is called for, they can still carry their weight in more conventional battles.

Aldori Swordlord Class Details

Many of an Aldori swordlord's abilities rely or build upon existing rules for duels. This prestige class also works well in conjunction with the Aldori swordlord fighter archetype.