Aegis Mage 

(Aegis Dwarf, Wizard Archetype)

While dwarves rarely possess an affinity for the arcane arts, aegis dwarves have a natural antipathy towards the arcane, making them even less likely to become a practitioner of the arcane arts. However, on occasion, a rare aegis dwarf will choose the path of the arcane, but to do so requires far greater effort on their part than those of other races. Despite their arcane deficiency, the aegis mage gains greater defense capabilities and can become of powerful practitioner of the magic with continued study. This racial archetype is available only to aegis dwarves. 

Class Features

The aegis mage has the following class features.


Aegis dwarves are naturally unskilled when it comes to the arcane arts. Unfortunately, this natural deficiency remain when one chooses to become an aegis mage. An aegis mage continues to take a –4 penalty to