Craftsmen, inventors, engineers–these words conjure the quintessential picture of a creator of new and amazing devices. However, nothing elicits a more iconic or powerful image of a true scientist and developer of technology than the artificer. An artificer is often viewed as the odd man out in a party–neither a frontline combatant nor a powerful spellcaster. More akin to the rogue or alchemist in regards to their skill set, artificers support their allies through their knowledge of scientific theories, technological innovations, and engineering techniques. As a builder of gadgets and gear-driven contraptions, the artificer uses his knowledge of engineering, design, and metalworks to construct amazing devices of technological wonder. By using his artifice, the artificer can give a semblance of life to inanimate objects, craft powerful gearworks machines, and design marvellous gadgets that duplicate the effects of various spells. While artificers are best known for their wondrous creations, they are also experts at crafting mundane objects and transforming them into masterwork items, such as locks, traps, weapons and armor. Whether through artifice theories or scientific innovations, the artificer stands as a symbol of the new age magic of science, technology, and engineering. 

Role: The artificer seeks to enhance the world around him through new technology, and is forever striving to develop the ultimate contraption. One of the artificer’s greatest inventions is his gearworks machine, a semi-sentient construct that can work alongside its master to craft devices, guard his person, or even enter the fray. The artificer is always looking for ways to improve his designs and gain greater knowledge of advanced technology and scientific theory. Thus, he travels the lands of the world in search of new experiences, greater understanding, and in turn, o