-this page by Voyd

Wyvarans are magical hybrids of wyverns and kobolds. All of the ARG/B4 races are unique in some way, and the wyvaran is no exception; of the lot, the wyvaran is the only one of the dragon type.

Racial Traits

Ability Scores: Wyvarans have +2 Dexterity and Wisdom, and a -2 penalty to Intelligence. They aren't the best at prepared arcane spellcasting, but they shine at divine spellcasting and ranging pursuits.

Type: Wyvarans are dragons. While this does mean you can't use spells like enlarge and charm person on them, it also means that they are completely immune to paralysis and sleep effects. 

Normal Speed: 30 feet, same as humans.

Flight: Hold on there, ban-happy GMs. Out of all the 0HD races with fly speeds, wyvarans have the worst; only 30 feet and with CLUMSY maneuverability. While it's not as game-breaking as, say, the strix's fly speed, it's still fairly useful.

Slapping Tail: It sucks that it can only be used for attacks of opportunity, but 1d8 plus full Strength damage isn't to be ignored.

Darkvision and Low-Light Vision: Dr. Beck has already gone on and on about how darkvision is the best thing ever. It's good, alright?