Bombardier (Grit)

You can load a firearm with the scatter quality with volatile projectiles and launch them great distances.

Prerequisites: Gunsmith class feature, able to create alchemist bombs (1d6).

Benefit: As long as you have at least 1 grit point, you can load an alchemist bomb into the muzzle of a firearm with the scatter special quality and launch it your firearm’s range, using any attack bonuses you apply to your firearm, such as those provided by the Weapon Focus feat or the Gun Training class feature.

If the firearm explodes by misfire, the bomb detonates, regardless of any discoveries that might normally delay it, and inflicts damage in a 5-foot burst equal to the damage of the bomb + the gunslinger’s Intelligence modifier × 1/2 the damage die of the bomb. This explosion also deals splash damage (see page 202 of the Core Rulebook) to those beyond the 5-foot range and within a 10-foot burst. Splash damage from this explosion is always equal to the bomb’s minimum damage. Those caught in the explosion (including the wielder) and the splash damage can make a Reflex save (DC 10 + your alchemist levels + your Intelligence modifier) for half damage.