Deities embody a core set of values, concepts, and ideals, and it is these principles upon which the dogmas of their individual churches are formed. For clerics, warpriests, and other worshipers of the divine, these concepts are often manifested as domains through which divine spellcasters are granted additional spells and abilities to aid them in championing the cause of their gods. While most divine spellcasters possess a good understanding of their deity’s tenets, vicars spend years of research and study in uncovering those secrets long hidden from the servants of the divine. Referred to as a divine erudite, the vicar delves deep into the doctrine of his god. In so doing, he gains a deeper understanding of the divine source, granting him access to a vast well-spring of knowledge and power while carrying out his sworn duties.

Role: Vicars are the academic custodians of divine knowledge and magic. As such, they possess a greater understanding of the divine source than others who serve the gods. It is this knowledge that grants the vicar his unbelievable powers, and opens unlimited possibilities through which to act on their deity’s behalf.

Alignment: A vicar’s alignment must be within one step of his deity's, along either the law/chaos axis or the good/evil axis.