Rod of Radiant Life

Slot none; Aura strong conjuration (healing); CL 20th; Weight 8 lbs.


The Rod of Radiant Life is an ancient artifact from a time when the world was stricken by a deadly plague. Thousands died before the clerics of the various churches could combat the spread of the plague. With so many dying, the stench of rotting flesh spread across the lands, making it ripe for evil clerics to raise the fallen as undead. So, not only was there a disease running rampant across the land, an undead plague began to emerge. 

Seeing the threat of thousands of undead creatures roaming freely across the lands, the great clerics of Sosa, Goddess of Healing and Miracles, united to forge a weapon that would enable a hero to remove the plague of disease and undead. Thus, the Rod of Radiant Life was constructed. 

The Rod of Radiant Life is a +3 greater disruption holy heavy mace. Lost for many centuries, it was recovered in a vault filled with lost artifacts of goodly persuasion and put into the hands of Clarn Azuremoon, hero of the Off-Worlder War. Upon his passing, the Rod of Radiant Life vanished, but it is rumored to have reappeared during critical times to aid those in need of healing or protection from deat