Stealth Eidolon

Stealth eidolons are like any other eidolon, but have an inclination towards stealth, sneak attacks, and roguish expertise. As such, it gains access to a number of new evolutions that are unique to its role and skill set. Stealth eidolons have the same statistics as shown on the Eidolon Base Statistics table (see Advanced Player’s Guide). These base statistics can be modified by the base form and evolution pool as normal.


A stealth eidolon’s abilities are determined by the stealth summoner’s level and by the choices made using its evolution pool. Table: Eidolon Base Statistics determines many of the base statistics of the stealth eidolon. Each eidolon possesses a base form that modifies these base statistics. A stealth eidolon’s qualities are similar to those described in the Eidolons description block of the Advanced Player’s Guide, except with the following changes.

Saves: The eidolon always has the following saving throws, regardless of its chosen base form: Fort (bad), Ref (good), Will (good).

Ability Scores: The stealth eidolon has the following ability scores, regardless of its chosen base from: Str 12, Dex 16 Con 13, Int 7, Wis 10, Cha 11. A stealth eidolon also gains the following abilities.


Like a summoner’s eidolon, a stealth eidolon receives a number of evolution points that can be spent to give the stealth eidolon new abilities, powers, and other evolutions. A stealth eidolon may select any evolution listed in the Advanced Player’s Guide or