Runescar Folio

Aura faint necromany; CL 5th

Slot —; Price 4,500 gp; Weight 1/2 lb.


This vellum scroll is crafted from the hide of a dragon, giant, or some other magical beast, and allows a Runescarred Fury to increase the capacity of his runescarred spellbook. The runescarred fury must attune himself to the folio in a ritual that takes 1 hour to perform. Once attuned, the folio becomes an extension of the runescarred fury’s body. A scarred fury can scribe any number of spells onto the folio that he can cast, but may not exceed a total of ten spell levels worth of spells. Thus, a scarred fury of 5th level could scribe two 3rd–level spells, one 2nd–level spell, and two 1st–level spells, while a 15th level runescarred fury could scribe one 8th–level spell and one 2nd–level spell. As long as the bond between the runescarred fury and his folio is maintained, his total hit points are reduced by the total number of spell levels scribed upon the folio. This bond can be severed by making a successful targeted dispel check (see dispel magic) or by destroying it, at which time his maximum total of hit points return to normal. A runescarred can attune himself to a number of runescarred folios equal to 1/2 his Constitution modifier (rounded down).


Craft Wondrous Item, vampiric touch