Arclord of Nex

The Arclords of Nex trace their lineage to the personal retinue of the archmage Nex, and though the demiurge has been missing for over four millennia, the Arclords still seek to enact his will. Whenever possible, they follow in the literal footsteps of Nex by looking to the wizard-king's diary entries, workbooks, and scrolls (with such resources often being of questionable legitimacy). Seizing political power in the years immediately after his disappearance, the Arclords reinitiated hostilities with rival Geb while instituting laws and social policies derived from hoarded scraps of Nex's personal correspondence and journals. This behavior led to their ouster and exile from Nex.

In the centuries since, most Arclords have pursued less radical methods of carrying out Nex's will. Arclords pioneered and refined the practical application of magical constructs, conjurations, and education, founding the legendary Arcanamirium in Absalom. In Quantium, the Arclords' ancient exile is long since forgotten. The Arclords' goal is as subtle as it is simple—to make themselves and their magic (and, in a broader sense, all magic) an indispensable and irreplaceable foundation of communities and societies across the face of Golarion. In this way, they have achieved positions of influence and leadership that eluded them when they tried to seize power directly, and their voice is loud and persuasive in courts throughout the Inner Sea.